Bouquet, Taste & Textures

A prerequisite for experiencing a culinary firework display – as well as the rat Rémy does in the legendary animated film Ratatouille knew how to make his brother Emile experience it – is the sense of taste and smell.

Of the classical senses such as hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching, smelling – olfactory perception – remains by far the most important and strongest of our senses. Continue reading Bouquet, Taste & Textures

Self made Limoncello

Not yet a present – there is still time until Christmas!

If you liked the recipe for the pizza dough, you might have the time for a longer project – it’s worth the effort. To go with the Italian food, of course, you also need some “Sun of Sicily” to finish off – what could be better than a real limoncello?

Here’s a recipe for it – of course there’s much more possible with this base…have fun! Continue reading Self made Limoncello