The premium beef of the brand SCOTLAND HILLS carries the label “Scotch Beef” and is produced according to high standards. On the one hand, the farms are regularly inspected by the Scottish animal welfare organisation SPCA on a voluntary basis and in unannounced spot checks. Thus, ethical breeding and rearing has been guaranteed in Scotland for many years – farms that violate the guidelines can be closed down without further ado. Secondly, the quality of all meat products is checked by Quality Meat Scotland. Continue reading SCOTLAND HILLS


VIKINGYR lamb from Iceland is a very speciality. Lamb in itself is tender, but the lambs of this brand, which have all grown up on Iceland without exception, are not only literally “buttery tender”. Their meat also has a high proportion of fatty acids (omega-3), so it doesn’t necessarily have to be fish if you want to eat a healthy diet in terms of fat.
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