Tasos Andriotis – Chef of the Rose Garden & Angsana Corfu

Tasos Andriotis is one of the most famous chefs in Greece. Just a few days ago, he and his team received the Award of Modern Greek Cuisine 2022 in Thessaloniki. The team was honoured for their achievements regarding the Rose Garden Restaurant in Moraitika on Corfu. Continue reading Tasos Andriotis – Chef of the Rose Garden & Angsana Corfu

Chefs Warehouse & Canteen

Chefs Warehouse & Canteen in Cape Town was one of the culinary highlights of our trip. As so often it was due to chance that we “found” this place. We were on the road in Cape Town and just came from the car rental company. Actually the plan was to visit one of the highly acclaimed steakhouses of the city – the NV-80 Grill & Bar – but it was just after five o’clock in the afternoon and we obviously hadn’t had enough for breakfast – at least a slight feeling of hunger told us to have a look at the restaurants that were already open in the immediate vicinity of the car rental. Continue reading Chefs Warehouse & Canteen

Self made Limoncello

Not yet a present – there is still time until Christmas!

If you liked the recipe for the pizza dough, you might have the time for a longer project – it’s worth the effort. To go with the Italian food, of course, you also need some “Sun of Sicily” to finish off – what could be better than a real limoncello?

Here’s a recipe for it – of course there’s much more possible with this base…have fun! Continue reading Self made Limoncello

Bouquet, Taste & Textures

A prerequisite for experiencing a culinary firework display – as well as the rat Rémy does in the legendary animated film Ratatouille knew how to make his brother Emile experience it – is the sense of taste and smell.

Of the classical senses such as hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching, smelling – olfactory perception – remains by far the most important and strongest of our senses. Continue reading Bouquet, Taste & Textures

Blood Oranges

Blood oranges in the Quick Check, KaDeWe, Sanlucar, Struwwelpeter, Il Fragolino, Moretti, Valensina Sanguinelli, IGP, Rosaria

Blood oranges in the Quick Check

I love blood oranges, but as it is always the case, you usually only buy a few and as soon as you have noticed that they were particularly tasty, there are no more of those to get – or the newly bought ones suddenly taste completely different. Continue reading Blood Oranges