Central Market

Adelaide is a beautiful and tranquil place – there are an incredible number of green spaces, parks and of course the great Botanical Garden. Another highlight, and one that takes place indoors, is the Adelaide Central Market. This is definitely a MUST SEE when you are in the city. The atmosphere reflects the attitude, lifestyle and zest for life of the inhabitants of this rather small Australian city. Continue reading Central Market

LaSelva – BIO Delicatessen

When I visited for the first time BIOFACH this year, I was lucky enough to get to know a veteran of the industry – LaSelva BIO-Delicatessen, an Italian family of connoisseurs with a pioneering spirit from Munich.  LaSelva took its first steps into the field of organic farming 40 years ago. This makes Toscana one of the proverbial cradles of organic farming in Europe. Continue reading LaSelva – BIO Delicatessen

Yam Moo Yang from Duroc

As promised, you can read here how I proceeded with the grilled piece of pork loin from the Duroc. I took the chance to prepare one of my favourite Thai dishes – a salad with grilled pork. As a gimmick I use black instead of fresh garlic. Continue reading Yam Moo Yang from Duroc